Snow White in the Black Forest (Ej svensk text)



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If you thought Snow White was only a fairy tale, you’re about to discover the truth, but lock up your children first. The real tale of Snow White, is a tale of relentless terror and unimaginable horror. When young Lillian’s mother dies during childbirth, the father soon remarries the well-intentioned Lady Claudia. However, Claudia’s heart is ruled not by her husband, but by an evil mirror with the power to make Claudia Queen over all living things until they are dead.
A failed attempt to murder young Lillian leaves her wandering lost in a deep dark forest where she comes across seven dwarfs – but wait, you think you know the rest of this story? Far from it. Handsome princes and dwarfs cannot always save the day.
This movie will prove once and for all that blood is thicker than water, and evil, like an apple, comes around!


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